Putnam County Commissioners

Make laws (“ordinances”) that apply mainly to areas within the county but outside city limits.


Decide controversial land-use cases, particularly when a major development is proposed in a rural area.


Formulate and finalize the County’s annual budget. That sounds dry and bureaucratic, but in the real world, the budget is the county’s primary policy document. It is where trade-offs are made between funding, say, an additional sheriff’s deputy to patrol the roads, another mental health counselor, a paving project at the fairgrounds, a grant to non-profit youth programs, a modest expansion of library hours…


Serve on a variety of other policy-setting boards that focus on areas like transportation planning, job training and economic development


Hire and supervise the County Administrator, who in turn hires and supervises the directors of the

complaints from county citizens who may be having trouble with their neighbors, or the county bureaucra


County’s departments


Receive concerns and

What are the basics?

The Board of Commissioners is Putnam County’s three-person governing body, with each Commissioner elected to a four-year term



Donald Walton President

P.O. Box 114 Cloverdale, IN 46120

Phone# 765-795-4449 or 765-426-9037


Vice President

6912 E ST Rd 236 Roachdale, IN 46172

de_berry@tds.net Phone# 765-376-5765

David Berry



735 W CR 50 N Greencastle, IN 46135

Mwattsgto@yahoo.com Phone# 765-721-7668

Max Watts