Welcome to the Official Website of the Putnam County Adult Probation Department. This site was created to provide an information portal to members of the community as well as individuals placed on probation here in Putnam County.

Over 95% of the total community-based offender population is under the supervision of Putnam County Adult Probation. Putnam County Adult Probation (PCAP) supervises and provides case management services to an approximate daily average of 950 adult offenders. The Department is made up of five full time probation officers, two part time probation officers, one full time office administrator, and four part time support staff.

The Adult Probation divides supervision and services into the following areas:

  •  Pretrial Release
  • Intake
  • Supervision Unit
  • Enhanced Supervision Unit
  • Alcohol and Drug Unit


Our Mission

The Putnam County Adult Probation Department is dedicated to enhancing public safety and offender rehabilitation through active supervision techniques and the effective use of evidence-based and treatment practices.


Our Vision

  • To be recognized as a leader in the field of probation in Indiana.

    Our Core Values & Ethical Principles

  • We believe in the ability of people who have offended to change for the better and become responsible members of society.
  • We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of the individual.
  • We are committed to promoting social justice and social inclusion.
  • We believe in the worth of supervision in the community as a sentence of the court, based on establishing positive relationships with probationers, to promote their rehabilitation.
    Full consideration should be given to the rights and needs of victims when planning how a probationer’s sentence will be managed.
  • We are committed to supporting strong partnerships across the fields of learning, skills, practice, and research.
  • We recognize the importance of training and learning for identified levels of competence and of continuing professional development.
    We are committed to the development and dissemination of knowledge, through research, to inform probation policy and practice.
  • We are committed to acting with professional integrity.