How to Appeal

There are two different ways to appeal an assessment of a property.

(1)Write a letter to the County Assessor with the following information:

  • Parcel number of the property,
  • Address of the property,
  • Assessment year,
  • Name of taxpayer,
  • Mailing address of taxpayer,
  • Phone number of taxpayer, and
  • Reason for the appeal or request for re-evaluation

*Please note: Appeals filed on more than one parcel may be submitted in the same letter, provided the same entity owns all of the parcels.


(2)Complete the proper form for the appeal

  • Form 130 – Used for Subjective Appeals
    Taxpayer’s judgment as to the correct market value of the property
  • Form 133 – Used for Objective Appeals

Used to appeal objective issues (i.e. incorrect square footage, barn on property card that does not exist, etc) (Square footage for property valuation is measured from the OUTSIDE of the building)

Appeals can be submitted in person to the County Assessor’s Office or can be mailed to:

Putnam County Assessor’s Office
c/o Appeals Department
One Courthouse Square, Room 44
Greencastle, IN 46135