Sales Disclosures & Deeds


For a Q & A for Sales Disclosures, please view and print the Sales Disclosure Tax Payer Guide*.

Do I need a Sales Disclosure?

If money is being exchanged for the property, a Sales Disclosure is necessary. It is not necessary to indicate a sales price of “$1” or “$10” if no money is actually being exchanged. (See “Deeds” section below if you meet these circumstances).

Click the link below to be directed to the PDF Sales Disclosure Form. This form allows you to fill in all information on the computer and then print and sign your name, or you can simply print the form and fill in the information yourself. Pages 4-13 of the online Sales Disclosure form, through the link below, provide a step-by-step guide to help you properly complete the form.

Sales Disclosure PDF Link



Important Notes on Deeds

If no money is being exchanged for the property, the deed should clearly say, “for no consideration” or “for no monetary consideration” as the sales price on the deed. This may occur in the following circumstances:

  • The property is being given as a gift
  • A family transaction where no money is changing hands
  • To add a name to the deed (i.e. Marriage)
  • To remove a name from a deed (i.e. Divorce)
  • To put the property into a trust


Deed recording process

  1. The deed must be received and reviewed first by the PLAT Office (Courthouse, Second Floor)
  2. Sales Disclosure and Deed must then be processed and stamped by the County Assessor’s Office (Courthouse, Fourth Floor)
  3. The stamped Deed must then be taken to the County Auditor’s Office (Courthouse, Second Floor), and then to the Recorder’s Office (Courthouse, Second Floor)


Please make sure that the Deed and Sales Disclosure are completely filled out and notarized as required. The Assessor’s Office is unable to assist in the preparation of Deeds. Please consult an attorney or title company if you need assistance on the Deed preparation. For questions on completing the Sales Disclosure, first review the Sales Disclosure Taxpayer Guide, in the link above.


*This guide is in handbook format. When printing, set properties to print double sided and landscape. When done printing, fold all papers in half and staple in the middle.