Office Information

The Plat Office works with the Public, Realtors, Appraisers, and Surveyors assisting with inquiries of all types that deal with real estate in Putnam County.

The Plat Office works with all offices that deal with real property in the County.

The Plat Office has Plat Books with aerial photography for the whole county. The Plat Books have current information as to who owns the real estate and the prior owners back to the 1900’S time period. We have Plat Books from 1932, 1940, 1986 with photography, 1997 with photography and the new photography that was flown in 2003 & 2013 is available to be printed from the computer. The Plat Office performs all maintenance tasks on the Plat Books, including verifying legal descriptions in the transferring of deeds and draws in all parcel splits, as well as creating parcel number and property tax numbers for all new parcels in the county.

Copies of the photography are available for sale. The average size map is 24” x 18” and costs $5.00. Smaller maps are available (8 ½ x 11 for $1.00). The Plat Office also has an over-sized copier/scanner that is capable of copying & scanning documents up to 36 inches wide in a .pdf or .tiff format.

All deeds that are recorded in the County start with the Plat Office to have the legal description verified before going to the Assessor’s Office, the Auditor’s Office and finally to the Recorder’s Office.

The Plat office also verifies all Classified Forest and Wildlife reserves that are referenced in the county’s computer system.