Ciruit Court Filing Fee Schedule

                                   FEE SCHEDULE  EFFECTIVE July 1, 2017


EM      Estate Miscellaneous:  No Fee

            *Spread Will of Record Only

            *Inheritance Tax Only

ES       Estate Supervised:  Fees:  $177.00

EU       Estate Unsupervised

GU      Guardianship:  Fees $177.00

TR       Trust:  Fees $177.00

JP        Paternity:  Fees $196.00

JP        Paternity:  Fees $196.00

AD      Adoption:  Fees $157.00

DR      Divorce:  Fees $177.00 (Incl. Facilitation Fees)

            Legal Separation:  $28.00 Sheriff Service

CC       Civil Collection:  Fees $157.00,

PL       Civil Plenary:  Fees $157.00

CT       Civil Tort:  Fees $157.00

MI       Miscellaneous:  Fees $157.00

                                                $28.00 Sheriff Service

                                                $10.00 each def after first

MF     Mortgage Foreclosure:  Fees $157.00

                                                           $10.00 fee each def after first

                                                           $28.00 Sheriff Service

Surrender of Will:  $25.00

Marriage Licenses:  $18.00